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About –

— I' m a French Graphic designer holder of a high school diploma in sciences and graduate of a Master degree of visual communication at ECV Aix-en-Provence. I quickly turned to the digital: Web, applications, motion design. I’m fascinated by new technologies and the utilizations that we can make in the artistic environment.
Never stopping learning and knowing how to adapt himself are for me the keys which allow to reach the excellence.
— Melting World —
This year (2015) the "Club des DA" launches an advertising campaign about the Global Warming. .

We proceeded on thise basis:
"Toys = Children" and "Melt = Hot"
so "Toys melting = The future of your children is melting".
Following this logic, we created this series of evolving images with print; digital posters and website.

In collaboration with Martin Donet & Jingyuan Zou.